Welcome to CalcApps.com, we specialize in iPhone and iPod touch apps for the finance and other technical sectors.

Finance.Calc, a comprehensive calculator for loans, saving, investments and option pricing.

Finance.Calc incorporates over 20 intuitive easy-to-use calcs.

Incredibly easy to use.

Choose a calc and start calculating straight way. All calcs have the same look, so no confusing changes in layout from one to the next.

* Enter numbers using a pop-up calculator.

*** Still FREE for a limited period!

* Use pre-loaded examples or input and save your own data.

* Calculations are instantly displayed along with graphs and charts.​

Calcs are like spreadsheets, with multiple tabs.​

* Email results for use in spreadsheet software like Excel.

Works for the iPad and iPhone/iPod in landscape and portrait.

Explanations for any calc, tab or chart are immediately at hand.

Help for any button or field can be found by holding down on it.

Color combinations can be changed by triple-tapping on the screen.

100,000s of people have already downloaded it for free. Try it for yourself …