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ALinearEqn by WalterKissach

This iPhone app is a bit different to the other algebra apps we compared it with. Firstly, as its name clearly implies, this iPhone app only solves Linear Equations. However, it is more than just a calculator, with information on different types of linear equations and types of algebraic calculations. It is designed to allow you to learn techniques and progress through examples of increasing difficulty.

You can input equations, with integer coefficients only, using pickers and see the steps taken to get to each result. This app should be commended for being more than a calculator but at times is slightly clunky and counter-intiative to use.

See how ALinearEqn compared with other iPhone algera apps here.

Math Solver

Math Solver by DeskEscape

Math Solver is a more sophisticated algebra solver than the other apps we have reviewed. It allows you to input any algebraic equation using a calculator pad. Therefore you can enter quite complicated equations with more than one variable, use brackets and raise variables to any power; Math Solver will simplify the expression where a solution is not possible. Math Solver also shows the steps that the calculator went through to reach the answer and the solutions are in fraction or surd form. As there is just one line of entry, the calculator cannot be used to solve systems of equations.

This app is particularly useful if you want to simplify algebraic equations, but it does require the user to be happy entering full equations into a calculator, for example x² is entered as x^2.

Algebra Helper 1

Algebra Helper 1 By Issam Quadan

Algebra Helper 1 is a very simple app for solving systems of two linear equations. You enter in the coefficients of your two simultaneous equations, press "solve" and the solutions are given to 2 decimal places.

That's it!

Equation Genius

Equation Genius By Dinh Ba Thanh

Equation Genius is a simple to use app, the menu has a choice of 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, 2 unknowns and 3 unknowns. Which means the calculator can solve linear, quadratic or third order equations as well as systems of two or three linear equations.

Once you've selected the type of equation you want solved, input the coefficients of the equation and select "solve". The answers are displayed to 4 decimal places.

Equation Solver

Equation Solver Free By TG Softwares

Equation Solver Free has very similar functionality to Equation Genius. It allows you to solve linear, quadratic and cubic equations to three decimal places. It also solves systems of 2 and 3 unknowns. The app is free and comes with adverts, if all you need is the solution to an algebraic equation, you cannot go wrong with this app.
System of 2

System of 2 Equations Solver By Jake Elrod

The name of this app is self-explanatory; it is a calculator which can solve systems of two linear equations (and no more). Input the coefficients of your equations and the iPhone app provides the solutions up to 10 decimal places.

This is a simple to use app. Inputting digits is a bit tedious as you always have to switch from the default letter input pad to a number pad first. As you never have to input letters in this app it is unnecessary. But we're sure it'll be fixed in an update soon!

The Algebra Apps We've Reviewed


Math Solver
Math Solver
Algebra Helper 1Algebra Helper 1

Equation Genius
Equation Genius

Equation Solver Free
Equation Solver
System of 2 Equations SolverSystem of 2

What's a Algebra Equation App?

Algebraic equation solvers are calculator apps which solve different types of algebraic equations. From simple linear equations like:
2y = 6
to cubic equations with three roots like:
x³ + x² + x + 3 = 3
Some algebra apps solve systems of linear equations which have more than one variable, for example:
x + y = 9
x + 2y = 15

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